Your Volvo 940 engine belt isn't going to work properly without a timing belt tensioner - this part is the main gear that Volvo 940s the belt function efficient.The Volvo 940 timing belt tensioner is a device that puts force on the belt, eliminating the normal sag which might set off the belt to slide.

Tension is the aspect that helps in making the timing belt reliable, and the mentioned component has to be able to retain tension at the proper degree as it works - too little pressure and the belt may slip, much more and it can bust.Developed as straightforward pulleys mounted with the use of durable bolts, the timing belt tensioners maintain belt pressure at the appropriate amount.Even though extremely tough, these are generally replaced along with the engine belt - upgrading them on their own is time-consuming, so it's preferable to replace them every time you modify the belt of your Volvo 940.The location of the timing belt tensioner also helps Volvo 940 inspection practically difficult, so a great number of automobile owners have discovered to be aware of unusual noises which may signify troubles, whilst other people check out clues of oil leaks that might imply that the item is cracked.When one of the described indicators happen, do not hesitate to acquire a new replacement for the timing belt tensioner of your Volvo 940.

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