A clatter coming from under the hood , specifically in the timing belt spot is definitely caused by the Volvo 240 timing belt tensioner. The significance of the device can be related to the overall performance and the service life of your engine belt. It serves to prevent slipping, causing a belt and its teeth damage. But this component can cause greater damage to the belt, and also your engine when this is already unfit for its function.

The Volvo 240 timing belt tensioner is comprised of a body, a arm, as well as the pulley that's packed with life-long grease. An audible sound which you will be noticing is probably caused by its own pulley that can worn by now. If this' had occurred,the way to correct this is through replacement part. This specific maintenance work is actually Do-It-Yourself chore; just Volvo 240 sure that you have acquired an exact fit of your model.

Every automobile's functionality is extraordinary , thereby making it need only the excellent replacement coming from world-class Volvo 240s in the market. Gates, Replacement, and Dayco are among so many quality brands to this component you are now looking for. Post your purchase today and rest assured that the part reaches your place on time!