The clatter coming from under the hood and obviously in the timing belt area can be the doing of the Toyota Solara timing belt tensioner. Partly, this part is responsible for the timing belt's service life and also that of the Toyota Solara engine. This part works to prevent slippage, which can be the root of the timing belt and/or its teeth damage. Consequently, this accessory will present bigger injury to a valvetrain belt, as well as your engine if it's already unfit for the duty.

Your Toyota Solara timing belt tensioner is comprised of a body, the arm, and a pulley which is packed with life-long grease. An audible noise that you are noticing is probably caused by its own pulley which will be damaged by now. Changing the Toyota Solara timing belt tensioner to a dependable alternative part is the only solution. The job is actually DIY thing; Toyota Solara sure that a replacement is the exact match to your part.

The after-sales market provides world-class name replacements for you tochoose from. Cloyes, AC Delco, and Febi are among the many quality brands to this component you are now trying to find. Complete the purchase now and rest assured that the part reaches the agreed address right on time!