A noise that comes from beneath the bonet and obviously in the timing belt spot is your Pontiac timing belt tensioner. In part, it's accountable of the timing belt's service life and also that of the Pontiac engine. This works to avoid slippage, which can be the root of your timing belt and its teeth wear and tear. But this component is going to allow greater injury to a timing belt, as well as your engine whenever it's already bad for its function.

Comprising your Pontiac timing belt tensioner is the arm, the body, and a pulley. A clatter that you're hearing is due to its pulley , which can already worn by now. If this' had happened,the way to correct this is getting a replacement. This specific job is a DIY thing; just ensure that you purchase the exact match of your vehicle.

The after-sales market offers world-class make substitutes where you canchoose from. To this goal, you will get direct fit replacements from Febi, Cloyes, and GMB in place of your Pontiac timing belt tensioner. Buy right now!