Your Nissan engine belt will not perform well in case it does not have a timing belt tensioner - this device is the main gear that keeps the belt performance efficient.Slipping is a typical problem that threatens the timing belt, and it's the Nissan timing belt tensioner that inhibits this from transpiring.

Incorrect tension is the common culprit behind timing belt problems - the shortage of it generally results in belt looseness whereas the excess of it can cause timing belt breakdown.Developed as straightforward pulleys fitted utilizing heay-duty mounting bolts, the timing belt tensioners keep belt pressure at the appropriate amount.Though highly durable, they are usually replaced alongside the timing belt - changing them by themselves is highly tasking, hence it is advised to change them whenever you change the belt of your Nissan .You'll discover that timing belt tensioner examination is likewise difficult owing to its position - irregular noises and oil leaks are just the common symptoms of wear and tear on the mentioned item.If any of the mentioned signs happen, do not be hesitant to obtain a new alternative for the timing belt tensioner of your Nissan .

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