This sound heard beneath the bonet , specifically from the timing belt location can be caused by your Hyundai Scoupe timing belt tensioner. In part, it's accountable for your timing belt's performance as well as the Hyundai Scoupe engine. Your timing belt tensioner secures your engine belt from any harmful impacts of untoward sag or vibration. But the part will cause bigger injury to the valvetrain belt, and also to an engine whenever it is already unfit for the function.

The Hyundai Scoupe timing belt tensioner is made up of its body, a arm, as well as the pulley that's packed with life-long grease. A sound that you are noticing will be caused by its pulley which will worn by now. Changing the Hyundai Scoupe timing belt tensioner with an equally reliable replacement part will be the only solution. This maintenance work is going to be a DoItYourself thing; Hyundai Scoupe sure that you have acquired the exact match of your vehicle.

The after-sales market provides quality Hyundai Scoupe alternatives where you canchoose from. For the purpose, you can get exact match choices from SKF, Gates, and AC Delco for your Hyundai Scoupe timing belt tensioner. Buy right now!