The noise that comes from under the hood , specifically in the timing belt area is definitely the Dodge Stratus timing belt tensioner. Partly, this part is liable for your timing belt's service life and thus your engine. Your timing belt tensioner secures your engine belt from the imperiling effects of any deflection and/or movement. Once the device is worn out, extended usage will only risk the belt and also car engine.

The Dodge Stratus timing belt tensioner is made up of the body, a arm, as well as the pulley that's permanently lubed. An audible sound which you will be listening to is probably brought about by its own pulley which will be damaged by now. If this is already occurred, the only technique incorrecting the phenomenon is getting a replacement unit. Save in servicing the tensioner via opting for its perfect match part and selecting to DoItYourself.

The industry provides world-class brand substitutes so that you can get the chance toselect from. For this mission, you will get direct fit products from Febi, Cloyes, and GMB for your Dodge Stratus timing belt tensioner. Make the order now and rest assured that it will be the agreed address right on time for your planned servicing!