The functionality of the timing belt in your Daewoo Nubira greatly hinges on the pressure applied to it, thus it is equipped with a timing belt tensioner to help it remain taut and functioning perfectly.Looseness is a typical dilemma that threatens the belt, and it's the Daewoo Nubira timing belt tensioner that inhibits this from taking place.

Tension is the element that Daewoo Nubiras the timing belt effective, and the belt should maintain tension at the right level as it works - not enough force and the belt could be dislodged, far too excessive and it can break.Timing belt tensioners are very simple spring-loaded pulleys that are retained in their proper location by installation bolts to preserve correct belt pressure.Although very resilient, they are usually replaced along with the timing belt - changing them independently is time-consuming, thus it's preferable to alter them every time you replace the engine belt of your Daewoo Nubira.You will discover that timing belt tensioner check up is equally difficult because of its set up - irregular noises and oil leakage are the only typical symptoms of problems on the stated component.Anytime you discover any symptom of problem in the timing belt tensioner of your Daewoo Nubira, upgrade it at once to avoid more issues.

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