A clatter heard beneath the bonet and certainly from the timing belt area can be caused by a bad Daewoo Leganza timing belt tensioner. The essence of this particular device is always related on the overall performance and the service life of your engine belt. Your timing belt tensioner keeps an engine belt from all damaging outcomes of deflection and motion. When this device is damaged, continuous use will imperil the timing belt as well as the powerhouse.

This Daewoo Leganza timing belt tensioner is comprised of the body, the arm, and a pulley that is needless to maintain. A noise that you are noticing is probably due to its own pulley which will be damaged by now. If this is had taken place,the technique incorrecting the phenomenon will be to get a replacement part. Spent wise in preserving the tensioner by opting for its perfect fit replacement as well as opting to DoItYourself.

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