Your Audi Rs6 timing belt will not perform well without a timing belt tensioner - this part is the one that helps in making the timing belt operation reliable.The Audi Rs6 timing belt tensioner is a device that puts pressure on the engine belt, taking up whatever amount of sag which may well trigger the belt to move.

Incorrect tension is the usual culprit causing engine belt troubles - the absence of pressure generally causes belt slipping while the excess of it may bring about belt breakdown.Developed as simple pulleys installed using durable mounting bolts, the timing belt tensioners keep belt rigidity at the correct amount.Heavy duty as these tensioners are, these Audi Rs6 devices are difficult to replace once broken; they are often replaced along with the timing belt to save on effort.You are going to find that timing belt tensioner check up is equally difficult because of its set up - unusual sounds and oil leakage are just the typical indications of damage on the said component.In case any of the described symptoms happen, do not be hesitant to acquire a brand new replacement for the timing belt tensioner of your Audi Rs6.

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