Your worn Audi timing belt tensioner is going to generate an audible sound under the hood. The significance of this device is always related towards the overall performance as well as the service life of your current engine belt. A timing belt tensioner secures the engine belt from the harmful impacts of any slippage and/or motion. Still, the component can cause bigger damage to your valvetrain belt, and also your engine if it's already worn for its duty.

This Audi timing belt tensioner is comprised of the body, a arm, and a pulley that's packed with life-long grease. A sound that you are noticing is brought about by its own pulley that can be leaky or worn. Replacing the Audi timing belt tensioner with an equally durable part is the only solution. This specific task is a Do-It-Yourself thing; just make sure that a replacement is the exact match of your vehicle.

The industry presents quality make replacements for you toselect from. Gates, Replacement, and Dayco are among the very many top brands for the component you are now looking for. Post your order right now and rest assured that this will be your place on time!