This noise heard under the hood , specifically on the timing belt spot is the Acura Rl timing belt tensioner. In part, it's liable for the timing belt's service life and thus the engine. This helps to avoid slipping, which can be the root of your valvetrain belt and/or its teeth wear and tear. Still, this auto accessory is going to cause more harm to a valvetrain belt, as well as your engine whenever this is already unfit for the function.

Completing the Acura Rl timing belt tensioner is the arm, its body, as well as the pulley. An audible sound that you're listening to is probably due to its pulley that can worn by now. Fitting the Acura Rl timing belt tensioner with its equally reliable replacement part is the only solution. Save when restoring this tensioner by acquiring its direct fit part and also choosing Do-It-Yourself.

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