The functionality of the engine belt in your Acura Legend considerably relies on the tension that it has, hence it's geared up with a timing belt tensioner to keep it tight and performing well.The Acura Legend timing belt tensioner is a device that places force on the belt, eliminating the normal looseness which may cause the belt to slide.

Improper tension is the common root triggering engine belt problems - the lack of it often leads to belt slippage whilst an excess of it may result in engine belt breakdown.Built as straightforward pulleys fitted with the use of heay-duty mounting bolts, the timing belt tensioners keep belt pressure at the right level.High quality as the mentioned components are, these Acura Legend devices are a pain to replace when broken; they're often changed together with the engine belt to save on effort.You'll realize that timing belt tensioner examination is equally tricky due to its position - intermittent disturbances and leaking oil are the only common symptoms of wear and tear on the said component.Anytime you detect whatever indication of damage in the timing belt tensioner of your Acura Legend, change it right away to avoid additional complications.

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