Among the usual reasons why automobiles conk out is a bad timing belt and it occurs if your timing cover stop being competent at safeguarding such belt against particles and filth which may have gotten into your engine. Vehicles that feature a quality timing belt is usually equipped with a Volvo 940 timing belt cover that's composed of aluminum, plastic material, or other material, however the ones that include a timing chain normally has a cover that is made out of metal and capable of holding the fluid which lubricates the chain and the gears.

Like those components located in the engine system, the timing belt cover is generally strong so as to endure extreme heat created by your engine even so it too, could eventually stop working after years in service or because of vehicular mishaps. Timing belt covers made from aluminum are popular at present because they are not just efficient, they as well offer the engine with a custom look, which Volvo 940 them perfect for individuals who are fond of flaunting their motor to their pals.

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