Your Volvo 960 timing belt is an important component for your motor's performance. Being the vehicle's beat, the Volvo 960 timing belt keeps your auto part in unsion with other parts. Utilizing numerous teeth that fit accurately with mating sprockets, the cam belt ascertains that your Volvo 960 crankshaft and camshaft function in complete unison and that your valve function matches the position of your piston.

Majority of timing belts for Volvo 960 are formed with the use of tough rubberized material that is better kept in palce by numerous fiber wires which are equally robust. Manufactured from stretch-resistant materials, most cam belts for Volvo 960 are meant to function for a long time. A used up or broken t-belt in your motor will yield to problems in your engine shafts and valves. Compression or igniition glitches might be caused by a faulty t-belt so substitute it at once to prevent having more troubles with your car.

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