Substituting your withering timing belt is similar to sending your teen-ager to grad school: it is bound to happen, and you better be ready for it. The Volvo 850 timing belt is the engine part which dictates the actions of the valves in your ride's engine. Timing belts are constructed from rubber and high-tensile fibers and are rigorously used. Ordering a new timing belt manufacture by Volvo 850 as soon as you notice symptoms of breakage is it is supremely necessary.

A timing belt has a limited lifespan that should be indicated to you by your ride's constructor- somewhere between 60,000 & 90,000 miles-and ought to be substituted the instant it's damaged in order to lessen occurances of piston and valve friction and damage. A timing belt breaks quicker when exposed to high temperatures, leading to a shortened life-expectancy in scorching or leaky combustion engines, simply because it is made from rubber. The moment you see flattened teeth on your belt or the springing out of the fiber cores, that means it is time to purchase a timing belt made by Volvo 850. Manufactured from heat-durable material or with curved teeth, which lessen noise and last much longer, newer belts have special advantages.

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