In almost everything we do it is important that everything is in order. For obsessive-compulsive people, harmony and order is always what they look for. They cannot function when everything is in chaos. This is the same with automobiles. Everything has to be in harmony in order for it to function perfectly.

As a Volvo owner you should know that when it comes to your vehicle timing is very crucial. The movement of the valves, the amount of fuel delivered and the level of heat under the hood has to be precise and synchronized. The timing belt is what keeps the function of the shafts, valves and pistons in the engine synchronized. If you take a look around your engine system the timing belt is the toothed belt that attaches the camshaft to the crankshaft. These belts have to be properly installed so that the valves will open and close at the right time.

In the past, timing belts are considered as the most fragile in the entire timing system. But today, with advancements in technology it can last longer than the tensioners. Timing chains were even considered more durable and reliable before. Many thought that the use of timing belts was just a trend and that timing chains will return sooner or later. But luckily timing belts have successfully proven their worth and use, hence, the use of timing chains has declined over the years. Modern innovations were able to produce belts with excellent quality, durability and strength.

But even though timing belts are far more durable these days, they still need to be examined regularly. In fact, a thorough inspection needs to be done regularly. Although it is difficult to insect a timing belt since you still have to go through the pulleys and tensioners, just think of the damage it can do if it fails. Thus, proper inspection is extremely needed to prevent severe damage. Consider also replacing your timing belt according to the manufacturer's recommended interval. On an average, timing belts can last at least 60,000 miles as long as there are no other troubles with the other parts of your engine. It makes good sense to include the timing belt when you check up the other parts of the engine.

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