The t-belt in your car has a very important part in the overall operation of the car's system. As the car's rhythm, the Volkswagen Dasher timing belt Volkswagen Dashers your car part in harmony with other parts. Making sure that your Volkswagen Dasher crankshaft, camshaft, valves, and pistons work in absolute unity, the t-belt employs several teeth that mesh accurately with sprockets.

Almost all cambelts for Volkswagen Dasher are manufactured with the use of heavy-duty artificial rubberized material that's further carried by several fiber cords that're likewise strong. Manufactured from stretch-resistant materials, most timing belts for Volkswagen Dasher are made to function for a long while. A worn out or broken timing belt in your system will yield to problems in your engine shafts and valves. A faulty cam belt will yield to troubles in ignition and compression so the best thing to do is to change it right away.

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