Your high performance Volkswagen engine is nothing without the proper drive train that connects all the shafts and keeps timing in all engine function. This just goes to show that looking after the big parts is not enough in getting that killer horsepower. You need to also look after the tiniest and simplest parts that are critical to the function of the entire engine.

So, to keep everything in timing in your Volkswagen engine you have to keep the timing belt in excellent shape. How do you do these? Through proper maintenance. Just like any other component maintenance is the key to a healthy timing belt. Normally, a timing belt will wear out due to a number of reasons. This includes normal wear, faulty construction, misalignment, inappropriately functioning tensioner, inappropriate installation and contamination or damage.

When timing belts are installed and maintained properly, it can last a long time and wear out only because of millions of twists and spins over the years. However, everything that comes in contact with it through its lifetime could damage it. When engine fluids reach it the belt could slip, thus, affecting the performance of the belt. Improper installation during replacement could also damage the belt. That is why it is best to follow the instruction enclosed by the manufacturer to make sure that you mount it properly. Check also for the alignment of the belt before and after mounting it. Misalignment can seriously affect the life of the belt and cause it to prematurely fail.

When you notice something different with the way your timing belt functions, it is best to replace it immediately. Waiting for it to fail completely before replacing it is a bad decision. Remember that a worn out timing belt will affect the function of the entire engine system causing your car to fail on you unexpectedly. When this happens you would not only have to spend thousands of dollars for replacement of the timing belt but also for the replacement of the entire engine system. So, don't make your pocket and your car suffer. Make the necessary replacement when necessary.

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