Suzuki speaks of tough and durable line of vehicles. Since the Suzuki introduced its first mass-produced car in 1954, it never stopped to offer vehicles that are designed with optimum quality and endurance. Suzuki vehicles are equipped with power packed engine that transcends the usual engine performance of a typical four-wheel vehicles. That is why the powerful performance of a Suzuki model is not surprising but quite exciting to have one.

The engine system is the determinant of how your vehicle will perform on the road. The drive train and handling of your vehicle are determined by its engine. Modern technology is infused in the design of automobile engine which is composed of various parts, each of which has its own task to do but are interconnected in terms of functionality to bring out a powerful engine performance. In particular, if your Suzuki is equipped with an interference engine, the Suzuki timing belt is indispensable.

In an interference engine, the air and fuel enter the engine through the valves. The crankshaft and the camshaft which are responsible for the opening and closing of these valves are connected by the Suzuki timing belt. The Suzuki timing belt is the device used to keep the crankshaft and the camshaft operate in proper timing which will determine when the valve will open and close to admit the air and fuel. In simplest form, the timing belt is used to transmit torque from the engine crankshaft to the camshaft.

Usually, timing belts are made of rubber with custom teeth that help in achieving a synchronized turning of the crankshaft and the camshaft. Newer designs of timing belt are available with curved teeth that maintain a quiet operation. However, timing belts made of rubber deteriorates faster when exposed to excessive heat. But the sad part is that defective timing belt is hard to determine unless you've got to experience some engine failures.

To avoid catastrophic damage to your Suzuki engine, replacing the Suzuki timing belt at a regular interval is recommended. Don't wait for your Suzuki timing belt to be totally worn out since it may extend its damage to the entire engine system. If this happened, you can't get away from nerve-wrecking repair bills and worst, you have to replace the entire Suzuki engine system. For your Suzuki timing belt needs visit Parts Train's online auto parts store where you can find high quality timing belts and other replacement parts. Ordering is hassle-free through Parts Train's online system but if you need further assistance you may call Parts Train's toll-free numbers.