Most vehicles these days are controlled by computers. From the engine function down to the headlight and taillight operation, everything seems to be controlled the computers attached to your car. These computers have made it easier to drive cars and determine damages as soon as possible. But what good are these computers if the timing that is important for the proper function of the engine is missing?

The timing belt is what keeps everything in synchronized order in your engine. Because timing is very important, timings belts have to be always kept in top shape. Your Saturn vehicle needs timing belts that will give you optimum performance. In the old days, timing belts are among the car components that need to be regularly checked for wear and tear. Constant force and torque applied to the belt can cause it to break, stretch or crack. Because of these many people thought that the use of timing belts will eventually fade out.

But guess what? Timing belts are still in use today. In fact most vehicles today use timing belts instead of timing chains. Advancements in technology have made timing chains more durable and superior. But this does not mean that timing belts does not need to be checked. Remember that timing belts just like any other component of your car needs to be inspected regularly. A worn out timing belt can be very hazardous. The pistons may crash with the valves if the camshaft does not stop running. This can be a very costly repair job for you. Instead of replacing only the timing belts, you would have to replace the broken valves as well. If things get worse, you may even need to replace the entire engine system.

For this reason, it is vital that you replace worn out timing belt at once. If you put off replacement, you may find yourself and your pocket in a costly endeavor. When you notice unusual noises in your Saturn check the pulley and belt tension right way. If the pulley shows signs of damage, replace it immediately. Take note that the engine won't start if the camshaft won't spin when the crankshaft rotates. So to avoid having such problem address any timing belt replacement need as soon as possible.

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