When it comes to engine performance, timing is of the essence. Every part of the engine must work collectively and at the same time to ensure optimum power and performance. Even for your Saab, an engine that works together performs better. That is why as a Saab owner you have to make certain that the entire engine system is running perfectly at all times.

The part of your engine that maintains timing is the timing belt. In general, the timing belt rotates the camshaft at precisely half the rate of the crankshaft while keeping an accurate alignment. When working at exactly the same time, the camshaft opens and closes the intake and exhaust valves at the same time as the pistons that shifts up and down the cylinders. Exact piston and valve opening and closing is critical as the engine operates more accurately when these two are in timing.

But timing belts often fail without warning. One minute you are driving effortlessly down the highway, and the next moment your engine just dies on you. For this reason, it is important that you replace your timing belt with the interval recommended by the manufacturer. Timing belts should also be checked more frequently to prevent severe engine damage. Anytime you perform inspection in the drive train area, check the timing belt as well. However, when inspecting timing belts for failure do not turn them over as you would with your ordinary belt. This is because turning the belt can cause interior damage to the tensile cords that can result to early belt failure. Check also the belt teeth on the sprockets to make sure that the wear do not result to damage of the teeth on the replacement.

But remember that in spite of physical look, you have to replace your timing belt when you have reached an average of 60,000 miles. Immediate replacement is critical to avoid damaging the other parts of your engine. When doing replacement, inspect also for the other components of the engine. Ensure that everything is working perfectly. If you are unsure of how to replace the timing belt drop by your local mechanic and leave the dirty job to them. This way you are sure that the belt is installed properly.

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