Advancements in technology today have created vehicles that offer 100,000 miles drivetrain and huge service intervals. These innovations were motivated by the need to generate cleaner and fuel effective automobiles. And the result is a shift from mechanical vehicles to electronic controlled ones. The components and mechanisms that were once used by drivers have now been replaced by efficient computers that control everything that is going on in the engine.

As a driver and Pontiac owner you are probably well aware that when it comes to your engine, timing is very important. The action of the camshaft in relation to the crankshaft and the opening and closing of the valves has to be in exact order and timing. Without a synchronized action, you can never expect your engine system to work properly. The car component that keeps everything in timing is the timing belt. This belt is basically a toothed flexible belt that connects the crankshaft to the camshaft.

In the past, drivers have low regard to timing belts. They believe that high torque and constant twisting can easily crack, damage and stretch the belt, so frequent inspection is needed. But with advancements in technology, manufacturers were able to produce timing belts that are much durable, reliable and efficient. But this does not mean that inspection is no longer needed. Just like any other component of your car, periodic inspection is still needed to make sure that they are always in excellent condition and can effectively suppress the stress that it experiences.

Time will come though that the timing belt will eventually lose its strength the durability. Classic symptoms of worn out timing belts are loss of power and noise coming from the timing cover. At first sight of these symptoms, you have to immediately inspect the timing belt and arrange for replacement if needed. Do not put off replacement if you do not want to get your engine system damaged and your pocket drained. Contact your local mechanic for help in replacement if you do not have the necessary skill and tool. This way you are sure that your new timing belt will function properly.

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