You have to bear in mind that the moment you forget to replace your malfunctioning Peugeot timing belt, this could lead to costly engine damage in due time. There is a recommended replacement interval for your vehicle's timing belt. If you have a four-cylinder petrol engine, the best time to replace the timing belt is after 80,000 kilometers or four years. Among the HDI engines, changing the timing belt is best after 120,000 kilometers or after six years. This is the same for V6 engines. Diesel-powered engines that are not HDI, on the other hand, require the timing belt replacement after 80,000 kilometers or after four years. You can change your auto's timing belt after reaching the desired number of kilometers, after the specified time frame, or whichever of the two comes first.

What is a timing belt that it requires this kind of attention and maintenance? The timing belt is the driving link that is usually found between the crankshaft and the cam shaft. The primary function of this part is to operate the engine valves via the cam shaft. It can also work to drive the coolant pump.

In every timing belt, there is a pre-approved time of interval when it comes to replacement. Do you have to follow this replacement interval even if the timing belt has not exhibited signs of deterioration yet? The answer is actually yes, you still need to follow the prescribed time. It is important to replace the timing belt at the manufacturer's specified interval even if it appears to be in good condition. It is not actually so possible to correctly predetermine the exact time when the belt will fail. Manufacturers have set the replacement interval at a relatively low mileage in order to guarantee its reliable operation under various conditions.

The rate of wear and deterioration of the timing belt are actually governed by age and engine revolutions. If your vehicle is subject to various pressures, if it is usually driven at high revolution range most of the time for instance, expect its timing belt to fail sooner. So in order to ensure the reliability and the performance of your vehicle no matter what the conditions are, have the part replaced at the most appropriate time as suggested by the manufacturer, unless you are well prepared to do battle with the damage bill in the end. Instantly replace your stock and damaged timing belt with a brand new Peugeot timing belt that you will find in wide array here at Parts Train.