In this age of highly modernized technology with everything almost run by computers, nothing seems impossible. Automobiles can now last for thousands of miles and offer better power and performance. But in spite of these high-tech mechanisms, human care and intervention is still needed. You can never expect your car to last 100,000 miles if your don't upkeep it and replace any worn components. Maintenance is still the key to a healthy automobile.

The same is true with your Oldsmobile vehicle. No matter how great looking your Oldsmobile is it is essential that it is inspected periodically. New Oldsmobile cars these days boasts of good technology and style, so to preserve these features you have see to it that your car gets the maintenance that it deserves. Among the components of your Oldsmobile that requires regular check up is the timing belt. This belt is what keep everything in synchronize in your engine system. If left damaged or broken, the valves and pistons can crash with each other causing enormous damage to the engine. To avoid such problem, it is important that you examine the belt from time to time.

The breakdown of timing belts is often due to faulty construction, misalignment and damage. Normal wear can also cause timing belts to fail. After thousands of twists and turns, the belt may simply lose its strength and durability. It is best to follow the manufacturer's interval for replacement to make sure that the belt will not cause damage to your engine. While you are at the task of replacing your timing belt, better check the rest of the timing belt system as well to be sure that nothing else is worn out.

As soon as the need to replace your timing belt arise, do it right away. Do not wait till the entire engine system is damaged. When this happens your car will not be the only one to suffer but your pocket as well from thousands of repair bills. Likewise, if you are not a competent mechanic, better leave the replacement job to your local service center. This way you are sure that the new timing belt is mounted properly and it will function effectively.

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