Not all vehicles employ timing belt. Some utilize gears or chain instead. Defined, the timing belt is a toothed cam belt or timing chain that plays an important role in an internal combustion engine. It connects the crankshaft to the camshaft of the engine and it manages the timing of the valves. The main task of the timing belt is to spin the camshaft at precisely ¬Ĺ the velocity of the crankshaft and at the same time keeping up an accurate alignment. Meaning, the crankshaft has to revolve twice for every camshaft revolution.

The timing belt does this job by matching the camshaft to the position of the crankshaft in order for the valves to open and close at the right time. It features custom teeth which turn the camshaft synchronized with the engine crankshaft. In some applications the timing belt is also employed to drive some other components of the engine like the oil pump and the water pump.

Timing belt is only present on vehicles that are motorized by Interference Engines and Non-interference Engines. On engines that are interference, if the timing belt skids for just a notch, the piston can crash to the open valve and this can lead to severe engine defect by means of bending the valves and breaking the pistons. The non-interference engine does not destroy itself, but if the timing belt got damaged, the engine will surely shut down right away and leaves you stranded.

Automotive timing belt, including Mitsubishi timing belt usually break down without any warning. Hence, it is really advisable to check your owner's manual and see the recommended time interval for your Mitsubishi timing belt replacement. The said intervals normally range from every 60,000 miles or 105,000 miles. Timing belts are hard to check and it is equally difficult to replace. It is also not a cheap job but it is definitely far less expensive than its alternative.

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