As a Mini owner you have to know that when it comes to engine function everything has to be synchronized. The opening and closing of the valves has to be in precise order. This is the job of the timing belt. This belt is usually made from bands of rubber used to harmonize the turnings of the camshafts and the crankshafts. In older vehicles the timing belt is used only for synchronizing the shafts but in most modern vehicles, these belts are also used to drive the water and oil pump.

Although timing chain or gear can also be used to synchronize the crankshaft and the camshaft most vehicles still use the timing belt for a number of reasons. For one, timing belts are economical and requires less maintenance. It does not need lubrication and retensioning, hence, it reduces cost and downtime. In addition, timing belts is a flexible toothed belt that does not need high tension resulting to longer engine life. Also, timing belts carry several designs that you can choose from. Each design offers a wide range of torque and speed that can deliver the horsepower that you need.

While timing belts these days are exceptionally strong, many belts last an average of only four years or 60,000 miles to over 100,000 miles. Because timing belts are often exposed to high speed, engine fluids and high or low temperature, time will come that your belt will wear out. If your belt has reached it 2,500 hours of service consider replacing it. Cars that uses interference engine must, however, replace their timing belts as recommended by the manufacturer. If you put off replacement the valves can crash with the piston heads resulting to costly repairs or even total engine damage.

If you do not know how to replace your timing belt let an experience mechanic do it. Remember that there are some parts of the engine that needs to be removed before you can replace the belt. If you misplace a part of the engine, this can result to damage in one part or total damage to the entire engine. Make sure also that you get the exact type of timing belt as the old one. Remember that there are different timing belts for different car model so get the one that fits perfectly with your car.

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