When it comes to your Mercury vehicle, timing is everything. Most drivers today are oblivious as to when they should consider replacing their timing belt. Because of this, they are often faced with a broken car just when they need it the most. For your Mercury vehicle, maintaining a high performance timing belt is very important. This is what synchronizes the crankshafts and camshafts in your engine.

When you think that your car has reached 60,000 miles, consider replacing your timing belts. Remember that friction and heat wear down the belt. When this happens chances are the belt will snap without you knowing it. Although knowing the exact condition of your timing belt is quite difficult there are certain factors you can look out for. First, if you notice that the timing belt has a shiny look; it means that the belt is getting stiff. Hence, it needs to be replaced. Second, if you touch the rubber and notice that your fingernails do not leave any mark this means that the rubber is stiff. If there are evident damages such as broken teeth, deep cracks, and extreme cracking in the surface, replace your timing belt right away.

Remember that if the timing belt is broken the engine will apparently refuse to run. If you didn't install replacement unit, other parts of the engine can likewise be damaged. The valves and the pistons will be destroyed. This will result to an expensive repair and labor cost. So, there would be no enjoyable ride for you today.

Replacing a timing belt is not an easy job. If you do not have enough experience in changing timing belts, it is best to leave the job for the experienced mechanics. If you insist of replacing the timing belt yourself, you may damage the other parts of the engine. When you have successfully replaced your timing belts, just remember that when your car has again reached 60,000 miles, it is best to change the belt again.

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