The timing belt is one part of a vehicle that does not get enough attention. The main purpose of this tiny yet significant part of a vehicle is to keep your engine mechanically running in time. This means that the timing belt keeps the crankshaft to camshaft synchronization. So, for every revolution of the camshaft the crankshaft will have to make two revolutions. This keeps the valve operation matched to piston position. You see, the valves must open and close at exactly the right time in order for the engine to run accurately.

It is, therefore, vital that your Mazda vehicle have a reliable Mazda timing belt to make sure that your car does not fail you when you need it the most. Typically, a timing belt made out of rubber wears as a result of time and miles on the motor and environmental conditions. The environment in which the timing belt works is mainly hostile. Factors such as under-hood temperature, mechanical hazards in the form of hard plastics and the existence of corrosive fluids such as battery acid and oil all add to the failure of timing belts to function properly.

Timing belts are usually buried under metal brackets and drive components, that is why it is very hard to inspect them. Because timing belts are oftentimes overlooked, they fail without warning and are as hard to check as they are to change. After all, who would like to pay for car inspection when the car is running perfectly? Perhaps no one. But if the wear in the timing belt gets unnoticed, your car might quit on you and not restart. This can be such a pain for you especially if you are running late for a meeting.

For this reason, it is important that you do maintenance check on your Mazda timing belt regularly. Some manufacturers recommend a certain mileage for belt replacement. Other technicians also recommend a water pump replacement during a timing belt job even if there is nothing wrong with it. To be on the safe side ask your technician to check your timing belt before making any replacement.

The bottom line is to have your Mazda timing belt checked on a regular basis. Remember that a worn out timing belt can have a considerable effect on your engine performance. If you are having your Mazda timing belt replaced, consider buying it from Parts Train. Get hold of high-quality timing belts from us to give your car the performance that you need. Shop with us now.