Over the years, Lincoln vehicles have offered car enthusiasts with reliable and trendy vehicle. But along with enjoying a comfortable and satisfying ride with a Lincoln comes the responsibility of maintaining it. Every part of the Lincoln needs to be working well and performing at its best level.

The Lincoln timing belt is a key part of the Lincoln engine. In general, the timing belt is a toothed belt that connects the engine crankshaft to the camshaft. You see, in your engine timing is everything. That is why the timing belt is needed to synchronize the camshaft to the crankshaft position so the valves will open and close at the proper time in relation to the position of the pistons. Not all cars, however, have a timing belt. Some use gears or a chain instead. A Lincoln timing belt offers smooth, quiet operation, light weight and great reliability. Hence, as long as you have quality timing belt and it is replaced at the manufacturer's intervals, you can be sure to have a good ride.

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, it is important to check your owner's manual to see what the ideal mileage requirement is for replacing your Lincoln timing belt. You may not be able to tell what condition your timing belt is at first glance, hence the best way to keep yourself out of trouble is to go by your mileage. If you see any damage like cracks, cuts or excessive wear in your timing belt you must replace it as soon as possible. Your Lincoln timing belt could also snap with no warning. As the timing belt exceeds its suggested replacement time, the odds of having your belt snap increase considerably.

However, simply looking at your timing belt won't tell you much about its condition. The outside of the belt could look brand new but at the same time the other side could be completely worn away. When a timing belt breaks, the camshaft stops turning leaving some of the valves in the open position. But the crankshaft, because it is heavier, continues to rotate by inertia. This will cause the pistons to strike the valves that were left open and may result in damaged pistons, bent or broken valves and perhaps a destroyed cylinder head. Waiting to replace your Lincoln timing belt until something happens could be an expensive mistake. After all, a broken timing belt could completely ruin your engine.

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