The cam belt in your car has a really significant role in the general functionality of the engine. Your Lexus Rx400h timing belt functions as the rhythm of your ride as it shields several major parts in harmony with each other. With several teeth that interlock precisely with mating sprockets, the t-belt ascertains that your Lexus Rx400h shafts function in complete harmony and that your valve function goes with the position of your piston.

Created with durable artificial rubber, a Lexus Rx400h's t-belt is reinforced with heavy-duty fiber wires that give better foundation. T-belts for Lexus Rx400h are made to be heavy-duty with their stretch-resistant material that ensures their high quality and toughness. If your system valves and shafts begin to fail, this can be a sign of a worn out t-belt caused by constant use for years. A broken cam belt will cause troubles in ignition and compression so the most logical move to do is to replace it right away.

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