Timing is everything when it comes to the efficient operations of the automobile internal combustion engine. The automobile will not be able to effectively function if its different moving parts are not well-coordinated. A minor glitch in one set of components may have drastic effect on the operations of other components. Timing might be messed up and errors in timing may lead to the breakdown of the engine. At best timing glitches are transitory, which can easily be remedied by adjusting the operations of other components. Transitory timing glitches such as engine knock, for instance, may mess-up the motions of the pistons. On the other hand, gradual but prolonged timing glitches have serious effects on the engine operations. Hence, a timing belt such as the Lexus IS300 timing belt is very significant when it comes to the efficient function of the engine.

A timing belt is also known as an engine belt or as camshaft belt. Timing belts refer to rubber or metal chain belts that connect the crankshaft to the camshafts of the engine. Timing belts may also connect the camshafts to other moving parts such as the distributor rotor and radiator fan. However, the main function of the timing belt is to regulate the motions of the intake and exhaust valves so that they will open and close at the right time. The timing of the opening and closing of the valves must be closely coordinated with the motions of the pistons and with the firing sequence of the sparkplugs.

Collectively piston motions determine the mechanical output of the engine. The mechanical output can only be maintained at optimal level if the timings of the different components are correct. For instance, if a piston is in compression stroke, its respective exhaust and intake valves must be closed to maximize the compressive force. On the other hand, if the same piston is in exhaust stroke, is respective exhaust valve must be opened to allow the release of exhaust gases from the combustion chamber. Timing is also important in the firing sequence of the sparkplugs. A sparkplug must only fire when the corresponding piston is in the initial ignition stroke position.

Timing belts allow the different moving components to be coordinated in their operations. A timing belt connects the crankshaft to the camshaft. The crankshaft is the power source of the camshafts. The camshafts control the valves and other moving components of the engine. Typically, the pulley of the crankshaft is half the size of the pulley of the camshafts, resulting in the half-rate speed of the camshafts. This is necessary to allow the proper coordination between the pistons and the valves. Here at Parts Train we offer various types of high quality timing belts at very affordable price.