Every automotive timing belt like your Lexus GS400 timing belt has a lifespan, that's a fact. One factor that ends its life and serviceability is the fact that this component is always overworked. It turns the camshaft at exactly ½ the speed of the crankshaft as it maintains an exact alignment. This implies that the crankshaft makes two revolutions per camshaft revolution. The camshaft enables the intake and exhaust valves to open and close in time with the pistons that allows the moving up and down activity in the cylinders. It is a requirement that these valves do their closing and opening activity at precisely the right time with due regard to the piston movement. It is only through this that your engine can run perfectly.

The timing belt is a vital part of the vehicle's internal combustion engine that is responsible for controlling the timing of the engine. Having this task you now probably have the idea how it got its name. For your full understanding, the name "timing belt" refers to a general case of any flat belt with integral teeth and is needed for power transmission so as to interchange rotary motion and linear motion. In the automotive combustion engine system, the timing belt has custom teeth which are used to turn the camshaft synchronized with the crankshaft. The timing belt, in some engine design can also be used in other operations of components including water pump and oil pump.

If you have been driving your Lexus GS400 for quite sometime now, then perhaps you know that incorrect timing may cause collision of the pistons and the valves which normally leads to extensive damage and expensive engine repairs. You must understand that the piston has the tendency to bend the valves and when there is a broken piece of valve or piston, that broken piece can create severe damage within the cylinder. The truth of the matter is that, it can even create adverse impact on the crankshaft. So replace a bad Lexus GS400 timing belt immediately. But bear in mind that when a timing belt is to be changed, you must be careful enough to ensure that the valve and piston movements are properly synchronized.

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