Engines are considered to be the heart of automobiles because of the very critical role it plays. All other automotive systems will not work in the absence of an engine or its failure to operate. As such, it is very important to make sure that it maintains its excellent working condition. Engines can be synonymously referred or used with the engine system as when you talk about any of them, it would only boil down to one function — that is to convert the fuel into energy that will be used to power the automobile.

The engine system is comprised of several components such as the carburetor mount, crankshaft pulley, engine block, harmonic balancer, intake crossover tube, intake manifold, intake valve port, left and right cylinder head, oil filler cap, oil filter, oil pan, valve cover, timing belt (or timing chain) and its cover and others more. Of these components, the timing belt like the Land Rover timing belt is the one responsible for the camshaft's rotational movement, thus enabling the engine assembly to start operating and eventually other systems as well. Timing belts or chains causes the valves to open at the right time that is why it was named as such.

Typically, a metal timing chain, or a toothed flexible rubber timing belt are two most common kinds of timing belt or chain that are seen or used in an automobile's engine. In addition, what makes it possible to rotate and operate is the crankshaft. And if your vehicle's engine has just underwent an overhaul, it would be of much advantage if before applying the belt, the crankshaft sprocket and the camshaft sprocket were made sure to be properly lined up in order to prevent any trouble regarding the engine's operation. Conversely, due to long and constant vehicle use (engine operation), timing belts or chains come to a point when they unexpectedly break causing the valve to stay in an open position.

An open valve becomes vulnerable to being hit by the rising piston resulting for the valve to bend or get deformed, or other possible internal damages. When this unlikely situation comes, anticipate to pay high cost of repairs and possible replacement of the damaged components. But it should not be like that because why should you suffer for the bad things that can be actually averted? What was meant is that if you want to keep yourself from paying expensive engine repairs, you can have the timing belt or chain inspected from time to time. By this, you can be sure that it will not break in the course of your driving or when you least expect it.

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