Maintaining the efficient service of your Kia Rio ride needs it to have highly efficient and fully functional components. With the elegance, dependability and efficiency the Rio offers, you need to ensure that all its parts and accessories are kept in good shape all the time. Among these integral vehicle components that you need to give proper attention is the timing belt. Investing in premium grade timing belt in your Kia Rio ride will offer you smooth and effective engine run.

Your Kia rio timing belt is actually the belt that controls the camshaft in the engine to keep the entire engine operation running smoothly. The camshaft is the component that opens and closes the intake and exhaust valves. It allows air to get into the engine for combustion. A fully calibrated timing belt will effectively move in time with the motion of the pistons. The two types of engine that makes use of timing belts are the interference and non-interference engine. Interference engines have only a small amount of space between the valves and pistons while non-interference engines have a lot more room. When the timing bet slips or breaks in an interference engine, the piston can be send flying into an open valve. When this happens, your engine could self-destruct and become nothing but an unusable mess of metal.

A timing belt failure in a non-interference engine though will not cause a great of damage to the engine. The engine will only shut down leaving you stranded on the road. Regardless of what type of engine you have in your Kia Rio, a failure in your timing belt will cause your engine to stop running. To prevent such situation, consider replacing your Kia Rio timing belt every 60,000 miles. Although timing belt replacement may not be the cheapest or easiest thing to do, it is definitely a better option than purchasing a new engine or a new car. Routine check up will also allow you to immediately address any timing belt failure right away. So practice regular inspection and replacement interval to minimize cost on part repair and replacement.

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