Timing chains have been replaced by timing belts due to the fact that today's engines are more complex and sophisticated. So if you're driving an older Kia model, your engine might still be equipped a timing chain. But if you have the latest Kia model, it probably has a timing belt. Timing belts are designed to be lighter, quieter, more efficient, and more economical compared to older engines style which generally make use of timing chains. Timing belts are typically reinforced bands of rubber with high-tensile fibers running the length of the belt
The timing belt or cam belt is an important component of your car's engine. Its function is is to control the timing of your engine's valves. In other words, it keeps the valves and pistons working in a precise order. The engine needs the valves opened and closed at every turn of the crankshaft and it is the timing belt which makes this possible. Its internal surface has custom teeth that corresponds exactly to the specific engine's gears.

Now, why do you need to know if your Kia is equipped with a timing belt? Because like any other parts of your Kia, your timing belt will eventually wear out. However, timing belts are a bit inaccessible thus they are hard to inspect. Therefore, replacement should be done at specific intervals as recommended by the manufacturer. Replacing it at prescribed intervals will lessen the chance that it will break before it is replaced which may lead to costly repairs of the entire system. And because timing belts are also used to drive other engine components, it is also advisable to replace them along with the timing belt to ensure that they work perfectly in unison.

Remember, your Kia timing belt serves a very important role and its failure will damage your engine . Depending on the engine's design, piston and valve paths may interfere with each other and improper timing in their movements can result in the collision of the piston and valves. This thing can result to severe engine damage and costly engine repairs. So you should always have your Kia timing belt inspected for wear and tear and other signs of damage by a qualified technician. This way, you keep track of your Kia engine's condition so you can act accordingly when necessary.

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