The functionality of your engine has many to owe to the timing belt set up in your car. A number of significant auto parts in your car are kept in sync by your trustworthy Hyundai Tiburon timing belt that serves as the beat of your motor vehicle. Utilizing numerous teeth that interlock precisely with mating sprockets, the timing belt ascertains that your Hyundai Tiburon camshaft and crankshaft operate in total accord and that your valve function goes with the position of your piston.

Your car's cam belt is manufactured with highly durable rubberized material that's reinforced with numerous fiber cables. Timing belts for Hyundai Tiburon are made to be long-lasting with their stretch-resistant composition that ensures their high quality and resilience. Through continued use, a timing belt will eventually wear down or break and this is going to post several hitches as your system's shafts and valves will equally begin to malfunction. Compression or igniition malfunctions may be caused by a worn out belt so substitute it immediately to evade having more glitches with your automobile.

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