The valves and clutches that makes up your car's engine require proper timing to start up operations. In order to achieve proper timing, a good set of timing belt is needed. Crafted from bands of rubber, timing belts are used to harmonize the turnings of the camshafts and the crankshafts. It is a flexible toothed belt that does not need high tension resulting to longer engine life. Because it is more economical and requires less maintenance than timing chains or gears, most vehicles these days make use of timing belts. Investing in high end timing belts will ensure precise fitment that offer long service life. Several designs of timing belts are available these days carrying several designs that you can choose from. Each design offers a wide range of torque and speed that can deliver the horsepower that you need.

Your Honda Civic needs a good set of timing belt to ensure reliable vehicle service that lasts. But as your vehicle's mileage add up, you need to check on your Honda Civic timing belt to ensure smooth operations and prevent engine failure. Although recent designs for timing belt are made to last longer, they are still subject to wear and tear. Many belts last an average of only for 60,000 miles to over 100,000 miles. If your timing belt has reached its 2,500 hours of service consider replacing it. Putting off replacement can cause the valves to crash with the piston heads resulting to costly repairs or even total engine damage. Remember though that vehicles that uses interference engine must replace their timing belts as recommended by the manufacturer.

To prevent engine failure and keep the reliable service of your car for thousands of miles, securing immediate replacement is vital and necessary. Worn timing belts will always be a bad news. Though the part is usually expensive to replace, just consider the risk of engine failure if you prolong the use of worn parts. Further damage may cost you more than belt replacements. If you do not know how to replace your timing belt let an experienced technician do it. Remember that there are some parts of the engine that needs to be removed before you can replace the belt. If you misplace any part, this can result to damage in one part or total damage to the entire engine.

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