Driving under all possible condition will always require a properly working timing belt. As the component responsible in turning the camshaft at exactly ½ speed of the crankshaft while maintaining precise alignment, timing belts needs to in top condition at all times. Honda Accords and other vehicles are equipped with top grade timing belts rather than chains as they are quieter and less costly to manufacture. With correct opening and closing of the valves, the engine runs properly and smoothly. This results to convenient and efficient vehicle run in any driving application.

Two types of engines make use of timing belts. They are the interference engine and the non-interference engine. When the timing belts slips even one notch on an interference engine, the piston can crash and cause serious engine damage. But on a non-interference engine, the engine will not self destruct but only shut down leaving you stranded on the road. Timing belts often fail without warning; hence regular maintenance and inspection is necessary. In most instances, your only protection is to replace the belt every 60,000 to 105,000 miles. Replacement of the belt is not an inexpensive job but is a less costly endeavor than any other alternative.

Replacement interval is often based upon average vehicle operations under normal conditions. Your timing belt will fail sooner or later depending on several factors such as driving and temperature conditions. But since timing belts are inside the engine they tend to be out of sight and seldom thought of during routine maintenance. Have your experienced technician regularly inspect the belt and do the replacements job to ensure precise fitment. Several manufacturers of Honda Accord timing belt are available in the market today. Make sure that you are securing the right fitting belt for your mean driving machine. So if you are having any engine repair done, better have the belts checked as well. If it needs replacement, do it together with the other repairs to save time and money.

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