Your GMC timing belt should be dependable, in such a way that it can work normally even under the harshest environments. Why? Because your GMC timing belt is important to the proper operation of your engine. But if it's disregarded or if it's damaged, it will not only cause your engine to stop functioning but will bring major car problems as well. So, how's Geo timing belt? Do you have it changed at prescribed intervals?

Many car owners tend to disregard their car's timing belt thinking that it would not cause major troubles. In contrast, true car enthusiasts always see to it that they have their timing belt changed after driving their cars for more than 100, 000 miles. Simply put, a faulty timing belt can ruin your day at any time but changing it at recommended intervals can avert you from being left stranded. Changing the timing belt when it calls for a replacement together with the water pump is advised even if the water pump hasn't failed.

Have you ever wondered how your GMC timing belt works? Your GMC timing belt keeps your engine running at its best. It turns the camshaft at exactly half the speed as the crankshaft. The latter causes allows the intake and exhaust valves to open and close after a while, with the pistons as they go up and down within the cylinders. The timing of the connection is very important to the engine's smooth operation and the more the cylinders the engine encompasses, the smoother the engine runs and the more power it generates. That's the way the timing belt works.

And because of the crucial role your GMC timing belt does, it will basically require regular adjustment and periodic replacement, as mentioned above. A defective timing belt will cause the engine to stop working. What's frightening is your car will become totally useless. There's typically very little admonition before a timing belt fails so a timely timing belt replacement is always the best prevention.

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