The proper operation of your motor has tons to owe to the cam belt set up in your car. Your Geo Tracker timing belt functions as the rhythm of your car as it keeps a few major components in sync with other parts. Using precise teeth that mesh with mating sprockets, the cam belt in your ride is the part responsible for the harmony of your crankshaft, camshaft, valves, and pistons.

Your Geo Tracker's cam belt is created using highly durable rubberized material that is reinforced with several fiber cords. Almost all timing belts for Geo Tracker are manufactured with stretch-resistant materials; this ensures that they will be able to live for many years. A used up or damaged timing belt in your motor will yield to glitches in your engine shafts and valves. A broken belt will give you troubles in compression or igniition so the most logical thing to do is to change it at once.

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