Changing your worn out timing belt is similar to sending your kids off to prom: it is eventually going to happen, and you best be ready for it. The Geo Prizm timing belt is the engine part which synchronizes the actions of the valves in your engine. Timing belts are made from rubber alongside high-tensile fibers and are rigorously in use. It's important to purchase a new timing belt made by Geo Prizm as soon as it shows signs of wear and tear.

A timing belt has a terminable lifespan which is pointed out by your car or truck company- anywhere in between 60,000 and 90,000 miles-and ought to be substituted the moment it's damaged to lessen occurances of piston and valve friction and damage. A timing belt degrades faster when exposed to high temperatures, leading to a shorter life-expectancy in scorching or leaking combustion engines, since it's made from rubber. The moment you notice flattened teeth on your belt or the scattering of the fiber cores, that means it's the best time to buy a timing belt manufactured by Geo Prizm. A timing belt for Geo Prizm which is made with temperature-resistant material or with curved teeth, which Geo Prizm it less noisy and last longer, are just a few newer belts you can choose from.

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