A high performance vehicle is powered by an equally powerful engine. Your Ford's overall performance can be judged through the capabilities of its engine. It is agreeable that the engine's performance and specifications are considered first over any other things when buying a Ford. After all, a car enthusiast like you would not settle for less but for the best and a powerful engine will not make you feel shortchanged.

Driving a Ford to its maximum performance entails a perfectly conditioned engine. And for the engine to give off its superior capabilities, it has to be equipped with functional Ford timing belt. A Ford timing belt, a timing chain or a cam belt is a part of the engine that controls the timing of the engine valves. The crankshaft and the camshaft are connected by the timing belt which in turn controls the opening and closing of the engine valves. It also turns the camshaft at exactly half the speed of the crankshaft while a precise alignment is maintained.

The purpose of the timing belt is to provide a quiet and flexible connection of the camshaft and crankshaft to keep the valves opening and closing synchronous with the movement of the pistons. The timing belt can also be used to drive other engine parts. Two types of engines use the timing belt- the interference engine and the non-interference engine. If the engine has an interference design, there will be no sufficient clearance between the valves and the pistons when the timing belt breaks and will result to an engine damage. The non-interference design has enough clearance for the pistons and the valve not to come in contact when the timing belt breaks.

However, breakage is not only the reason for a timing belt failure. The wearing and loosing from where it is attached will cause the timing belt to slip and change valve timing that will result to poor engine performance or worst, engine damage. Your Ford timing belt might fail without giving you some warnings. Timing belt failures are also difficult to check so the best protection to spare your Ford from timing belt failure is to replace it at the recommended intervals.

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