Vehicles are already an integral part of people's lifestyles and that of society. This mechanism is a sign of development and progress of our society from the early times until today. At the pace people are going through their lives today it would be hard to imagine how they would get by without the convenience offered by the car or any other type of vehicle. Really, automobiles offer countless benefits for its users.

In order for a car to function very well, it must contain all the needed parts like engines, suspension, transmission and many other features. The engine in particular has to be properly maintained and checked regularly since this is the heart of the car's whole operating system. Cars usually have internal combustion engine wherein the burning up of fuel occurs in an enclosed area called the combustion chamber.

One very essential part of the internal combustion engine is the timing belt which is also sometimes referred to as timing chain or cam belt. The term timing belt is likewise used to refer to some flat belts with integrated tooth that are employed for power transmission as well as for trading off the rotary motion and linear motion. This part plays a vital role in controlling the timing of the engine valves so that there will always be a synchronized movement of all the engine components. By joining the crankshaft and the camshaft — apparatus responsible for the opening and closing of the engine valves, the engine is able to perform well due to finely tuned valves.

The timing belt should be properly taken cared of. Regular adjustment and replacement would be best because if it splits, the camshaft will stop its motion and affect the other components of the engine. This scenario could result to shattered valves when the out of sync piston hit them.

Timing belts are available in various designs or styles so you have to be careful in choosing a replacement. You can go to your nearest auto shop for this purpose. Or if you prefer the most convenient form of ordering, you can always do so by checking out online providers like Parts Train. Parts Train offers a wide range of car products for a different car brands including the Eagle. So if you happen to own an Eagle car that requires an Eagle timing belt, your best and most reliable online partner is Parts Train.