Each time you put the key in the ignition and turn on the engine everything under the hood gets activated. Most of the time it's hard to detect but every element in the various car systems is synchronized that's why you are able to experience a smooth running. Perfect timing is of prime importance in all operations so that the parts and system will not run into each other and cause a jam. Since everything about the car's function is dependent upon the engine it has to do its job with an excellent timing.

The part that plays a vital role in giving perfect timing in the engine system is the timing belt. Other people also refer to this as the timing chain or cam belt. As a part of the internal combustion engine, the timing belt is responsible for controlling the sequence of the valves in the engine. The belt also joins the engine crankshaft to the camshaft in order for the vales to open and close with the pistons as the point of reference. One kind usually used in vehicles is the flat belt with integrated teeth on it. This kind of belt is ideal for power transmission as well as for interchanging rotary motion and linear motion. This is very handy when you need to maintain a specific drive proportion.

Some of the new models of Chrysler are equipped with double overhead cam. Each engine cylinder also contains four valves that must work at a good timing. Chrysler cars are equipped with very efficient timing belt in order to show a great driving competence. The timing belt is also installed carefully otherwise the engine valves will not open and close as they should. When maladjusted, your car has the tendency to have poor performance, clattering valves and power deficit. If a malfunctioning belt is not given the right solution your pistons could get damaged if the out of sync valves crash into them.

Because the timing belt plays a very important part in the engine system you should always make sure that it is properly maintained. If your Chrysler timing belt shows signs of giving up the ghost you should immediately look for a replacement. Always remember that timing is everything when it comes to your car. You can come to Parts Train for your needs in Chrysler timing belt. You will surely benefit from their quality products and affordable prices.