If you want your vehicle to always run smoothly and offer high-performance, you should make sure that they are completely equipped with durable and top of the line engine components. As an auto driver, you should know that a vehicle functions better when it has all the components that it needs especially those essential performance parts. That should include the different system in your vehicle's powerhouse such as the cooling system, fuel delivery system, ignition system, fuel system, exhaust system, and others
All such systems are vital in the performance of your vehicles and thus at all times should function properly. And among the most important system that you should take good care of is your vehicle's gear system. This is basically the system that ensures the proper timing of the movements of pistons and valves in the engine.
The timing belt is important in ensuring that your vehicle engine's valves and pistons work accurately, well-coordinated and timely. It also prevents the pistons and valves from pushing against the camshaft before it could complete a cycle during operation. Your Cadillac timing belt is typically a toothed rubber belt that's responsible for keeping the engine's shafts moving in time with each other. Mostly, you'll find Cadillac timing belt made of reinforced rubber bands. And since it is not made from metal a timing belt is cheaper, more flexible and produce lesser noise.

It is important for your Cadillac's auxiliary shafts, camshafts and crankshafts to move in time with each other and in synchronized manner if you want your vehicle to perform better and run smoothly. And since your Cadillac timing belt is made from rubber, time will come that they will age and maybe get damaged. In this case, you should replace your Cadillac timing belt at once.

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