The timing belt in your automobile carries a very important function in the total operation of the engine. A number of significant parts in your vehicle are kept in sync by your reliable Buick Regal timing belt that functions as the pulse of your car. Using numerous teeth that mesh exactly with mating sprockets, the cam belt ascertains that your Buick Regal camshaft and crankshaft function in complete unison and that your valve operation equals the position of your piston.

Your car's timing belt is manufactured with very durable man-made rubber which is reinforced with numerous fiber wires. Backed by stretch-resistant materials, almost all timing belts for Buick Regal are built to function for a long while. Upon continued use, a cam belt will unavoidably wear out or break and this will most certainly burden you with numerous glitches because your engine shafts and valves will likewise start to breakdown. Compression and ignition problems might be trigerred by a worn out timing belt so change it immediately to prevent having more troubles with your car.

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