If you're driving a Buick, you might consider yourself lucky to have such fantastic vehicle. You would be even prouder because of its great features and very reliable parts and components. Makers of Buick always make sure that their vehicles exude great appeal and  offer optimum performance. You can expect Buick vehicles to have the complete specifications needed to satisfy drivers and auto enthusiasts like you. From the sporty and elegant exterior to the cozy interiors, Buick is committed to customer satisfaction. But, the best thing about Buick is its capable engine system whose reliability is attributed to the engine components and devices.

There are literally thousands of components inside your vehicle's engine. All these must function properly and must be in good condition in order for the engine to render optimum performance. Among the most important engine components of your Buick vehicle is the Buick timing belt. Basically, a timing belt is defined as the part of the internal combustion engine and is designed to control the valves' timing. It is also known as timing chain or cam belt.
The main function of this belt is to turn the vehicle's camshaft or camshafts at precise alignment and synchronization. It should turn it at exactly half the speed of the engine's crankshaft. In other words, for every revolution of the camshaft, your vehicle's crankshaft should make two revolutions. This cycle is very important for the proper operation of your engine.
Typically, your Buick timing belt is designed with custom teeth so it can turn the camshaft in synchronization with the crankshaft. However, timing belts are specifically designed only for particular engine so you can't use any belt that is not really intended for your Buick's specifications. Depending on your Buick's engine designs, the timing belt in your vehicle also drives other components.

Most timing belts, including your Buick timing belt, are made of rubber with high-tensile fibers. Rubber, however, easily degrades when exposed to higher temperature as well as when in contact with antifreeze and motor oil. But, there are many high-performance timing belts available nowadays. They are temperature-resistant  and made from materials like "highly-saturated nitrile" or HSN. Newer designs of teeth that offers more quiet operation and can last longer are also available.

If your Buick timing belt has been damaged and are causing engine troubles, make sure to have them checked and replaced immediately, if necessary. You will have to spend when you need replace them but it would be much costlier if you fail to replace a damaged timing belt which almost always lead to more serious problems. If ever you need new timing belts for your Buick, you can find the best quality timing belts here at Parts Train, your definitive source of top-notch Buick parts and accessories including timing belts. All our Buick products are made by renowned auto parts makers according to strict quality control standards. Thus, you are assured that every Buick timing belt here in our inventory will be durable, reliable and high quality.