There are several great automakers in the automotive industry; most of them are acclaimed for introducing  automotive solutions and creating innovative vehicle models and platforms. Among these highly-regarded auto makers is BMW. For several years now, BMW is known to create and manufacture superior vehicle models that exude alluring elegance, high-end luxury and absolute performance. Most vehicles carrying the BMW emblem are known to have great performance, thanks to BMW's superior engineering and cutting edge designs.
A BMW vehicle is composed of durable and reliable components such as fuel system components, cooling system, fuel delivery systems, starting system as well as gearing system. All these are important in the efficiency of a vehicle. BMW's gear system  is responsible for enabling your vehicle to achieve perfect as well as proper timing in connection with the movement of the engine's pistons and valves'. This is the reason why the gear system is very vital and indispensable in a vehicle.

The gear system relies on a series of components including the crankshafts, camshafts and valves. All these components are united through the use of the timing belt or the timing chain. The timing belt is another indispensable part in the proper function of the BMW engine. Because the timing belt is a moving part, it is very prone to wear and tear. When the timing belt is damaged, it can lead to serious problems in the operation of th engine. 
The BMW timing belt enables the valves and pistons in your engine to work in an accurate and well-coordinated manner. It  also prevents pistons and valves from pushing on the camshafts before a complete cycle. Timing belt is usually made of reinforced rubber bands as compared to the gearing system's metal components; thus, it produced lesser noise. The main drawback of a timing belt, however, is that since it is made of rubber, they tend to age and wear earlier than gearing system. Thus, experts advise that a typical timing belt be replaced every after 60,000 miles.
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