The cam belt in your car carries a very important role in the total functionality of the car engine. As the automobile's beat, the Audi Quattro timing belt keeps your car part in harmony with other parts. Featuring precise teeth that interlock with sprockets, the cam belt in your automobile is responsible for the unison of your camshaft, crankshaft, valves , and pistons.

Your vehicle's timing belt is manufactured with very durable synthetic rubber that's reinforced with numerous fiber wires. Backed by stretch-resistant materials, almost all timing belts for Audi Quattro are built to last for a long while. If your engine shafts and valves begin to fail, this might be a sign of a broken t-belt resulting from extended use throughout the years. Iignition and compression glitches can be trigerred by a broken timing belt so change it right away to evade having more problems with your automobile.

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